School Board

The St. Edmond School Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month except in July and December.  

The St. Edmond School Board consists of 16 members which includes 2 voting members from Holy Trinity Parish, the SE president as well as 13 parents and supporters.  If you would ever have a concern please contact one of the school board members.  

2021-2022 School Board

Todd Baker [email protected]
Jake Crimmins [email protected] 
Ann Feser [email protected]
Doug Smith [email protected]
Mary Gibb [email protected]
Msgr. Kevin McCoy [email protected]
Barb O'Connor (Chair) [email protected]
Ann Schulte (V. Chair) [email protected]
 Kate Stucky [email protected]
 Mike Johnson [email protected]
 Tabitha Acree [email protected] 
Jenny Condon  [email protected]
 John Engler [email protected] 
Mitch Lunn  [email protected] 
 Susan Lauferswieler [email protected]
David Flattery  [email protected]