PS Registration Steps

Here are the step that need to be completed. 
  • Step 1 - Navigate to HERE to complete the Infinite Campus Online Registration
  • Step 2 - After completing the registration but before submitting it there will be a page that looks like this below. Please follow that link to fill in the additional questions then return to the IC registration page and select the red submit. (NOTE if you miss this page and select submit without filling out these questions the link is HERE)Additional Questions
  • Step 4- Congratulations you completed your registration process. Next wait for us to notify you who your teacher is and when class will start. Please be patient as this usually happens in July or August. If there is anything else we need or something is missing we will also notify you. If you need to contact the school our number is (515) 955-6077


Thanks again for registering your Preschooler.